The Hunziker Twins

published 26 May 2016 by sandestinfound in Children's Stories category with 0 comments

Nile and Jackson’s mom recently sent Sandestin Foundation for Kids an update on how they are doing! The big news is that they celebrated their 1st birthdays!! This was a day that their parents didn’t know would happen, and they were thrilled to celebrate it with two beautiful boys! Although both boys are continuing to grow and improve, they have a long road ahead of them. Nile is doing great! He is starting to talk and is working toward crawling. He is participating in physical, speech and vision therapies, and his mom says is enjoying all of it and getting better every day. Jackson is having a tougher time than his brother. He was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, is missing his Cerebellum, and has a smaller than normal brain stem. Jackson’s parents are focusing on his therapies and know that babies are very resilient. His mom reports he is a very happy baby and smiles all of the time! Sandestin Foundation for Kids is working with Nile and Jackson’s family to determine ways we can help with their continuous and overwhelming medical bills. We look forward to watching these sweet boys grow and improve for years to come!

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