Dollar for Dollar Donations

Because we are a volunteer-based organization, we are able to donate $1 of every $1 to children in need, both locally and abroad.

Helping Locally and Abroad

We help children in our local community, but also extend support to children abroad by drilling wells in Africa and giving to needy orphanages in Panama.

Making an Impact Quickly

Our mission is to make an impact fast when help is needed the most. Support decisions are made quickly to help children and families directly after a tragedy.

Become a Sponsor Today

Help make a meaningful and positive difference in the lives of children who need help the most.



The mission of the Sandestin Foundation for Kids is to make a meaningful and positive difference in children’s lives. We guarantee that 100% of all donations support children in need locally and abroad.

The Sandestin Foundation for Kids was founded in 2011 by the owners of Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort, the Becnel Family. The structure of the organization allows for funds to be gifted to children and families quickly in the event of a tragedy. The Foundation receives its funding from the Becnel Family combined with the support of employees and guests.

The Sandestin Foundation for Kids is a tax-deductible 501(c)(3) governed by a Board of Trustees.



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