Scholarship Program

published 26 May 2016 by sandestinfound in Children's Stories category with 0 comments

While the Becnels were in Africa, a new program came to their attention. Currently, children in Zambia walk 2 or more hours to go to school and 2 or more hours to get home. For most of these children, the only meal they receive is when they get home at night, so they go all day without anything to eat, and then have to walk both to and from school on an empty stomach. Currently, there are only funds available for these children to go to school until 8th grade. Sandestin Foundation for Kids is thrilled to become part of a scholarship program that will help these children be able to continue school in grades 9-12. The Foundation sponsored 10 children in 2015, and the results were tremendous! Each child improved their grades and became more active in school. They are able to attend school knowing they will be fed and receive their diplomas. The Foundation has made a donation to sponsor even more children this year, and we hope to increase that number every year!

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