Eye Surgery for Hayden

published 26 May 2016 by sandestinfound in Children's Stories category with 0 comments

Sandestin Foudnation for Kids recently leaned of a local little boy that has had his shares of difficulties. Hayden was born seemingly healthy, but at just over a week old he was diagnosed with a condition called Bilateral Cataracts. This meant surgery would be needed to remove the cataracts or his brain would decide that the pathways to the eyes were dead and he would never be able to see. He had the surgery a month later, and thankfully it went very well! Hayden’s eyes were finally on the road to recovery. In addition to his eye troubles, Hayden also began having developmental delays as he started to grow. He wasn’t holding his head up at 5 months, began crawling at 2 years and began walking at 3 years old. His loving parents have been with him every step of the way and are his biggest cheerleaders! Hayden is in school and is improving every day! Hayden recently had an additional eye surgery that his parents did not think he would be eligible to have until he was older. This eye surgery will help Hayden have better peripheral and long distant vision. Sandestin Foundation for Kids was able to make a donation to Hayden’s family to help with their medical expenses. Hayden’s mom said he is doing great after his surgery! We look forward to seeing Hayden grow and improve!

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