Crop Drop

published 26 May 2016 by sandestinfound in Events category with 0 comments

Since 2009, Thrivent Financial- Emerald Coast Group has held an annual event bringing fresh produce to one central location to disperse to local families in need. The group coordinates with farmers in Florida and Mississippi to get produce donated that will not be sold to grocery stores. On the day of the event, 400 volunteers will gather to hand out truckloads of over 80,000 pounds sweet potatoes, corn, cucumbers, etc. to our local community. An estimated 6,000 families and over 24,000 people are fed from this one event. Sandestin Foundation for Kids was thrilled to make a donation to the 2015 Crop Drop and be able to sponsor an event that helps so many families in our own community! The 2015 event was a huge success, and we are looking forward to the 2016 event!

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