The Hunziker Twins

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Brian and Afton Hunziker were expecting twin little boys.  Prior to their birth, they received the news that their sons had Twin Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS).  This occurs when one twin donates blood and amniotic fluid to the other twin.  One will get too much, and one will not get enough.  Afton was monitored closely and made it to her third trimester when there was a sudden change and she has to undergo an emergency C-section.  The babies were born at 26 weeks and 3 days: Nile was 1lb 5 oz. and Jackson was 1lb 11 oz.  Both babies had life-threatening issues.  Jackson has a grade 3 brain bleed, and Nile had an intestinal perforation.  Despite all of the emergencies, Brian and Afton’s sons have proven to be extremely tough little boys!  They continue to beat the odds and are growing stronger and stronger every day!

Here is are photos of the twins soon after they were born:



Recently, Afton posted the news that she and Brian had been praying for: The boys were strong enough to go home!  They arrived home on 6/15 and are happy and smiling.  They have both made remarkable progress, and we continue to pray for their full recovery!

Sandestin Foundation for Kids made a donation to the Hunziker family to try and help with some of their medical expenses they have incurred up until this point.  Afton says it is not yet known what treatment and therapies the boys will need as they grow.  They will monitor them hitting their milestones and take it from there.  We will keep in touch with this amazing family and hope to help them well into the future.  We cannot wait to watch these little ones grow, and we will keep you updated on their progress!

Check out the twins after they were released from the hospital.  What a difference!!

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