Sandestin recently received a letter from a local family whose son, Kelton, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Kelton was having major issues monitoring his blood sugar and had several near-death experiences. Kelton’s family decided that although modern technology was helping, it was not keeping up with Kelton’s quick drops. They decided to get him a trained support dog to help monitor his levels, even when he is sleeping. They quickly learned that Kelton’s dog, Axel, would be extremely expensive. The family is doing a fundraiser and reached out to Sandestin hoping to receive a prize to add to one of their raffles. Sandestin Foundation for Kids jumped into action and donated a portion of money needed to purchase Axel, and Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort donated a 4-night stay to add to their raffle! Axel is currently in training, but we can’t wait to meet him when he is officially home with Kelton!

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