Baby Lincoln

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Baby Lincoln Brown was born October 21, 2014 to a family from Santa Rosa Beach, FL. He was born with a condition known as transposition of the great vessels. He was life-flighted to Children’s Hospital in Birmingham, AL where they performed open heart surgery. The surgery went well, but shortly after they removed his ventilator, his right lung collapsed. Fortunately, Lincoln’s doctors were able to re-inflate his lung and he began his healing process. During the time of his illness and recovery, Baby Lincoln’s family had to worry about their large insurance deductible, food, lodging, gas and many other expenses. Sandestin Foundation for Kids was able to make a donation to Lincoln’s family to help cover the cost of their deductible in hopes that the family would have one less worry during that difficult time.


Sandestin Foundation for Kids recently reached out to Baby Lincoln’s family to check in and see how he was healing. We received the following note from Lincoln’s aunt with an update on his condition:

Thank you so much for asking and checking on him! He is doing so good! The surgeons say he is 100% healed and “normal”! They said you would never know he went through all of that besides the scars! God is so good and we are beyond thankful for all of the support! I have attached a photo of the cutie!

Thanks so much!!!

We are beyond thrilled with this update and so grateful that we are able to be a part of Baby Lincoln’s story!

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